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10 July 2011

eBay Issues

I have a minor problem with eBay. Having just slid down into its grasp, I'm not certain I can fight my way out. I went in search of mortise chisels, since I have yet to locate any around here. I have a 4 set of Marples that I sharpen at 30* for chopping, and a 6 set of Two Cherries that I sharpen at 25* for light chopping and paring. I have an unknown 2" wide 9" long chisel I sharpen at 20* for paring cuts only. I didn't have any pig stickers. Enter eBay purchase number one, the 1/4" English style handle mortise chisel.

I unwrapped her and gave her a quick sharpen, and a light bulb went on, it was the easiest mortise I had ever cut.  Now I just need to find a 3/8" and a 1/2".
While I was on eBay, I decided to have a look at moving fillister and plow planes.  Low and behold, what did I find but this beauty. Here she is straight out of the box.  

A little TLC, a sharpening session, and some polish work on the brass, and she looks and works like this.
I added a strike button to the top for the mallet, but I need to redo it.  The previous owner, as is normal for the time, had his name stamped once on the toe, once on the top, and twice on the heel, but when I took the fence off for cleaning and such, I got another surprise.  There, in pencil, was his name and a date.
Mr. Isaac McPherson owned my new baby in 1867, 144 years ago.  Looking up the maker of the iron confirms this story.  I love to see a tool that is so old, still be fit as a fiddle, and ready for another 150 years of service.

Just so you don't think I forgot about the plow plane, I have a bid in on a Stanley #45.

I also completed the last lesson before the final for The Hand Tool School this week.  And here she is in all her knotty Alder glory.

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  1. "Mr. Isaac McPherson owned my new baby in 1867, 144 years ago" That is really something. What a cool tool to add to your collection.

  2. Like than plane and the marking gauge. How do you like the hand tool school?

  3. I Love it Jeff, It keeps me in the shop with things to do, has improved my skill a lot, and gives me reason to buy more tools. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend it.

  4. Great finds! Nothing like the feeling you get on a find like the plow plane with the name and date writen. A few years ago I bought a spokeshave for $2 and found a name and date of 23 oct 1883.

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    When you make a new post, within about two hours, the headline will automatically appear on my site so woodworkers everywhere can click over to your site and read it.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

    I usually try to get blogs that are at least 50% woodworking hand tools or of unique interest to hand tool users.

    Luke Townsley