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16 November 2010

Router Plane Part 2

And now... Page two

So we left off with a plane body cut to final shape, surfaced on two sides, and with a "landing spot" for a tool holder.  The next logical progression would of course be to make the tool holder.  This tool holder is designed to hold a 3/8" allen wrench.  If this arrangement doesn't work out, or I decided it doesn't hold and edge long enough, I can always make a new tool holder.  Maybe one to hold the Veritas replacement irons.  So to hold a hexagonal blade, you need a hexagonal hole.  By using the smallest end mill available we were able to keep corner clean out to a minimum and just take a few swipes with a triangle file. 

Now it's time to turn that 3/8 allen into a blade.  Chuck it up in a metal lathe and turn the short end flat. It will take some work on the grinder and work sharp to get it to a usable condition, but it's a small price to pay for a blade that cost me $4.86.  Plus I get another set of allens that are only missing the 3/8". 

Now we marry the two part together and we get something that resembles a tool.  I took the assembly home, stuck some 600 grit wet/ dry to the table saw and lapped the sole about 2 minutes.  Nice and smooth. 

That's all for this post folks.  Tune in next time and we will make adjusters, mill the body for handles, and more.

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Until next time....

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