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14 November 2010

Why Come?

My favorite two year old in the world (AKA my daughter, AKA doitchka) used the phrase "why come" the other day.  Not why, not how come, but why come.  This post is the why come of this blog. 

So here's the question: "Why come the Red Dirt Wood Shop blog?"  Answer:  I don't know.  Maybe because everyone else has one.  Maybe because I read so many blogs, watch so many videos, and listen to so many podcast, that I thought it was time to offer what little knowledge I have to the world of Internet wood working as a thank you for all of the education I have gained.  Maybe to document my progress into this wonderful hobby we call wood working.  Maybe it's all of these things and more.

So, let's cover the bases. 

First, a little bit about myself.  I'm 29.  I will have been married to the same wonderful woman (who lets me park her van in the drive when I'm home) for almost 9 years.  She has blessed me with three wonderful children, whom I adore.  Sasha (names changed to protect the innocents) is my seven year old boy.  Doitchka as mentioned above is my two year old daughter.  Lastly is my 6 month old daughter, #3.  I work as a service technician for a company that manufactures bakery packaging equipment.  What you need to know about this is that I travel for a living.  I go all over the world installing and repairing equipment in bakeries.  I'm away from home 180-220 nights a year.  However, when I am home I don't have a day job to speak of.  I field the occasional call, and wait for the next email to tell me to leave.  I may be home 30 hours, I may be home 30 days, one never knows.  When I'm away, I am obviously not in the shop, and have to get my sawdust fix through all my great companions on the net.  When I am home, I spend all the time in the shop I can, bar all the wonderful family time I get to spend with the wife and kids. 

Now, let's talk about the shop.  I share a 26'^2, two car garage with a mini-van, lawn care equipment, and various other sundries.  When I'm home the van stays in the drive for the most part.  Power tool wise I have
  1. Lathe- Central Machinery 36" ways 6" swing picked up at a garage sale for $100
  2. Table saw- Hitachi C10FL 10" left tilt 24" rip capacity.  Bought at the blue big box.
  3. Planer- Dewalt 12 1/2" lunch box 3 knife single speed.  Also bought at the blue big box.
  4. Jointer- Delta 6" bench top.  Picked up at an auction for $35
  5. Band saw- Craftsman 10" 82 5/8" blade direct drive.  Picked up at an auction for $10 w/ the stand
  6. Drill press- Ryobi 12" variable speed bought at the Borg.
  7. Sander- Craftsman 2" belt 6" disk, a present from my MIL
  8. Router table- Woodpeckers Bought at WC
  9. Router- PC 2 base kit variable speed Bought at WC
  10. Plate joiner- PC bought at the Borg
  11. Various other drills, circ saws, jig saws, grinders, dremels, etc
I guess a shop tour post is in need.  Maybe that will be soon. 

But why the Red Dirt Wood Shop?  The Red Dirt part is easy.  I live in prime red dirt territory, south east Oklahoma.  And the Wood Shop?  That's not so easy.  Why not studio or cabinet shop or (the list goes on and on)?  Mainly because I am a hobbyist, not a real "Shoppe", and like the wood shop at your local high school, it's my place to learn and explore. 

Next up is my wood working history.  I started wood working about three years ago.  Before that I never really had the time or space or means for a hobby.  I had dabbled in model cars over the years and when time, space and means became available I started collecting proper model car supplies.  Glues, paints, hobby knifes, little tubes of bondo and small squares of special sand paper etc.  After doing my first air brushing on a piece of card board and seeing the cloud of over spray go all over the garage, I decided I needed a paint booth.  A 2'x2' box with furnace filters and computer cooling fans.  Simple.  Lucky for me I have a father who ,apart from being my best friend (not many guys can say that), is also a hobbyist wood worker.  He got into the hobby from remodeling his house.  So one Saturday my family and I went to visit, Dad said "Let's go build it."  Some scraps of 1/2" ply and a couple hours later, I realized I'd had more fun building that simple box than I ever had putting together a model car.  The rest is, as they say, history.

Lastly, what should you expect to get from this blog?  Nothing.  I figure if you keep your expectations low, you are never disappointed.  Honestly though, I don't really know what you should expect.  Will I post on a regular basis?  I doubt it.  Will my post be brimming full of good info or humor or a good story.  I will try.

Always feel free to leave comments.  I am always open to constructive criticism and blatant praise. (hey everyone likes their ego stroked every now and then)  You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time.....


  1. Nice intro. Welcome to the blogosphere. I can't wait to see where this takes you.

  2. Welcome to the dark side! Seriously though, looking forward to your shared experiences!

  3. Glad to have you with us. Of course, you may come to regret your decision, as this medium can be as addictive as 'tater chips. In the meantime, enjoy the ride and develop a good system for handling your photos and videos.

  4. Well Jimmy,for me another reason to listen to you rattle on is never necessary. You are teching me once again thanks I enjoy reading your blog...